Ken Pye's Publications

Ken is a respected author and broadcaster who is frequently asked to contribute to the work of other writers, and to provide articles for magazines, newspapers, and periodicals.
He has also written a number of informative and entertaining books about the history and heritage of Liverpool and Merseyside, and continues to do so!
These are all listed below, and are available at all good bookshops, an on-line at Amazon etc.
However, if you have any difficulty in obtaining them, please contact Ken on
0151 427 2717; or 07808 870 614;
or by E-Mail at [email protected] and he will be delighted to help. 

Amongst Ken's most recent publications is his complete history of the remarkable City of Liverpool, entitled ~

LIVERPOOL: The Rise, Fall, and
Renaissance of a World Class City ~

now completely revised and updated for 2017

Ken’s fascinating and informative new book tells the complete story of Liverpool 'from the Dinosaurs to World Heritage Port & City’.
Costing only £14.99, this very readable book is fully illustrated and describes how the originally tiny hamlet, on the banks of the ancient Pool, went on to be the home of the world’s first wet dock, canals, railways, and scheduled transatlantic liners ~ as well as much, much more!

Also Available ~

The full set of 4 Volumes 
of Ken's very popular
Audio CD collections
of wonderful stories from across Merseyside 

Researched, written, and read by him, and costing only £10.00 each.
If you enjoy listening to Ken on BBC Radio Merseyside, and on Radio Wirral, you will love these ~

Now also available ~

Merseyside Tales & More Merseyside Tales

Each book contains fifty curious and fascinating true tales from across Merseyside,
illustrated in Black and White ~
   Dr Solomon and his Cordial Balm of Gilead:
   Reynold's Waxworks and Freakshow: 
   Buffalo Bill in Liverpool:
   Mickey the Chimp ~ Liverpool's King Kong:
   Blondin and the Lion in the Wheelbarrow:
   The Naughty Nymphette of Neston:
   Bidston Hill and The Cheshire Cat: 
   The Old Hutte of Halewood:
   The Childe of Hale:

   Wild Tigers in Tranmere:  
   Huyton Internment Camp:
   A Casbah in West Derby:
   'Women and children first!':
    The Chinatown 'Paifong':    and
    The Great Leprechaun Hunt
   The Widnes-Runcorn Transporter:
   The Storeton Dinosaurs:
   The Vampire's Graves:  
   New Brighton Tower:  and much more ....

Each volume costs only £9.99!

Liverpool Pubs

I tell the stories of 25 of Liverpool City's most historic, interesting, and attractive pubs:
Not just tales of the pubs themselves, but about the people that frequented them, and the many strange and significant incidents that took place in and around them ~

   Sailor Town, The Baltic Fleet and The Press Gang:
   Maggie May and Liverpool's 'Working Girls': 
   The Lion Locomotive:
   The pub that was once a Jail and one that was once a Church:
   Ma Egerton and Doctor Crippen: 
   Hitler's favourite pub:
   Liverpool's oldest pub and its ghosts: and much more ...

Lavishly illustrated in colour and costing only £14.99!

And you can still buy copies of .....................

'The Bloody History of Liverpool'!

My thrilling book about the grislier and more unusual aspects of Merseyside's history, INCLUDING ~

  •  The naked, blue 'Scousers' who fought the Romans from the top of Camp Hill;
  •  The brutal Norman Conquest of Liverpool and Merseyside;
  •  How the Black Death ravaged the Town;
  •  The Bloody Defeat of the Vikings, by local Anglo-Saxons at Bromborough;
  •  The siege and massacre of Liverpool during the Civil War;
  •  The Hanging, Drawing, and Quartering at Gallows Mill;
  •  Mother Recap and the Wallasey Wreckers;
  •  The horrors of The Slave Trade;
  •  The Hope Street body-snatchers;
  •  Liverpool and Jack-The-Ripper;
  •  and about the Liverpool Blitz ~

26 special tales in all, illustrated throughout in Black and White, costing only £9.99! 


The Ken Pye Factsheet Series

A great set of informative, attractively produced, and fully illustrated fact-sheets, on a wide range of subjects ~

PLUS   A set of 8 Festive Christmas Factsheets about
"The Curious Origins of our Christmas Traditions" ~

If you have any difficulties obtaining any of these publications please contact Ken
0151 427 2717  or   07808 870 614  or by E-Mail at [email protected]