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Discover Liverpool DVD Collection

Eight, themed, half-hour, high-definition filmed documentaries covering every aspect of Liverpool's history and culture. WARNING ~ as of 9th April 2022 there are only 12 copies of this remaining, and no further copies will be produced!

This high-quality, HD disc contains eight, 30-minute documentaries, in which Ken Pye guides you around the wonderful City and suburbs of Liverpool.
Each documentary, with its specially-commissioned music and stunning photography, is themed around a particular aspect of Liverpool's history and heritage.
These include 'The Liverpool Waterfront'; 'Green and Pleasant Liverpool'; 'City of Culture'; 'Liverpool Lost and Found'; 'Ancient and Modern'; 'Fortunes, Fables, and Football'; and much, much more.
The films will take you to places that the public don't normally see, re-introduce you to places that you know and love, and will also help you to discover new places.
Informative, educational and, most of all, entertaining ~ join Ken on his inspiring city tours.

Price: £14.99

To buy this, please call Ken on...

Office: 0151 427 2717

Mobile: 07808 870 614

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