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9. Beer, Bars and Boozers

The fun stories of just some of Liverpool City's most fascinating pubs

Taverns and inns have always played such a vital part in the social and economic life of Liverpool and its port, throughout the centuries. Sadly though, the number of pubs is dwindling all across Britain as society changes; and nowhere more so that in Liverpool and across Merseyside.

The ‘pub on every corner’ that was once the norm in such industrialised cities and ports is certainly no longer the case, because the social function that these once provided is no longer quite as necessary. Also, it is now safe for people to drink the water! But, not all of the City’s historic pubs have disappeared; many remain.

In this talk Ken has selected the best of these and will tell you their stories, and the tales of their landlords and landladies, and the people who drank in them. These include a vampire; the Duke of Edinburgh; the woman who led to the capture of Dr Crippen; whalers, crimps, and press gang thugs; Maggie May and Jumping Jenny; the Beatles; President Bill Clinton; and possibly even Adolph Hitler and Jack-The–Ripper!

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