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B. Spooky Liverpool

The creepy city ~ Our ghosts, ghouls and goblins

Illustrated with some wonderful pictures, including of some actual ghosts and ethereal manifestations, her about just how many places in Liverpool are haunted by ghosts and ghoulies, and things that go ‘bump’ in the night!
Shiver at the tale of the Haunted Mill and the Wavertree Demon:
Recoil at the tale of the ghostly, 17
th century priest who noisily appears inside Tuebrook House:
Wonder at the stories of deadly Ginny Greenteeth, the mysterious White Lady, and the spectre of William Huskisson, who each haunt the eerie, sunken, St James’s Burial Ground:
The malevolent hobgoblin of Everton known as Spring-Heeled Jack:
The Ghostly Cavalier, the Lady in Black, and the Death Coach of old Childwall Village:
The Spectres of Speke Hall: and
The Ghost Ship on the Mersey.
Enter the realm of darkness, if you dare!


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