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C. The Curious Origins of Our Christmas Traditions

Ken's fascinating and funny festive feature!

Why do we eat turkey at Christmas, and how did it get its name?
Who invented Christmas Crackers and who really did bring the first Christmas Tree into their home?
What is the true history of Father Christmas and who invented the Christmas Grotto?
These and many more questions are answered in this varied, enthralling, and often surprising talk.
Hear about the history of Pantomime, Christmas Feasting and Carols; and about the origins of Mince Pies and Christmas Pudding.
Ken will also take you down a ‘Christmas Memory Lane’, with tales of our own childhood Christmases, at school and home. He will also recite ‘A Scouse Christmas’ and there might even be some singing! There will certainly be lots of nostalgia as well as laughter.

Please call Ken for more details on this talk

Office: 0151 427 2717

Mobile: 07808 870 614

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