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D. The 'Nest of Crows'

The exciting tale of the civil war sieges, the looting of Liverpool and the lost treasure

At the time of the English Civil War, in the mid-17th century, Liverpool was a small but strategically important town and harbour. With its Castle and fortified Tower, and its gold bullion and large stash of guns and powder, both sides in the conflict wanted to capture and hold the Town.
With the women and children safely evacuated to villages on the Wirral, around 500 men and youths defended their town behind a high wall. Even so, Liverpool was besieged and changed hands three times, between the Parliamentarians, or Roundheads, and the armies of King Charles I, the Cavaliers.
Hear the exciting, true story of the deadly and treacherous attack of 1644, and of the massacre of most of the townspeople, and the mystery of the lost treasure of Liverpool.

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