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G. A Night To Remember

Join passengers and crew aboard RMS 'Titanic', on her tragic, maiden voyage!

At 11.40pm on the night of the 14th April 1912, RMS Titanic struck an iceberg in the icy waters of the North Atlantic Ocean.
By the early hours of the following morning the great, ‘unsinkable’ liner had sunk without trace, taking with her 1,503 people, and leaving only around 700 survivors.
In this dramatic and tragic tale, and as if you were 1
st Class Passengers aboard the vessel, Ken takes you through the events of that night, and describes what life was like on board. He then explains in vivid detail, the sinking and the immediate aftermath of the disaster, and how it had been entirely avoidable.
Sit back and relive the events of one of the world’s greatest maritime catastrophes, and the one that still evokes such high emotion

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