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I. The Rise, Fall, and Renaissance of Liverpool

The story of a world-class city

This is the complete story of how Liverpool was ‘invented’; slowly grew; and established itself as a powerful and wealthy international port and City. Ken then tells of how it all went wrong, and why and how the City, in the 1970s and 80s, became almost bankrupt and a place of riots, strikes, and high crime.
Then, and largely thanks to the imagination and energy of a number of people, not least the people and leaders of the City itself, and funded largely by money from the European Community, Liverpool rose again like a Phoenix.
From the ashes of neglect, decay and failure, the City on the Mersey has changed and grown beyond all recognition, and it continues to do so.
Ken tells how and why this renaissance came about, and describes what the future holds for Liverpool, as it reclaims its destiny as A World Class City: As Ken says, “Be inspired! Be very, very inspired!”

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