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J. From Pool to Powerhouse

The story of the world's greatest dock system

This is the engrossing and entertaining story of the founding and development of the Liverpool Docks system ~ one of the greatest in the world.
It describes how the originally small town converted the large, natural tidal inlet of the Mersey ~ the ‘Pool’ that gave the town its name ~ into the world’s first enclosed, commercial wet dock. This was in 1715, and the Old Dock changed the face of Liverpool, Britain, and international maritime trade forever. For over 250 years Liverpool then became ‘The Second City of The British Empire’ after London.
This is also the warm and human story of the often controversial people who worked on Liverpool’s 7½ miles of docks and waterfront, the Liverpool Dockers.  ‘From Pool to Powerhouse’ is a tale of vision, imagination, enterprise, skill and of people.

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