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N. Trenches, Torpedoes, Bombs and Bunkers

Merseyside and the World Wars

This is the heartbreaking yet inspiring story of Liverpool and Merseyside during the wars of the 20th century.
It is certainly a tale of great suffering and loss of life and property, but also of the triumph of the human spirit, especially in the strong communities of the City and region.
Hear Ken tell of the Liverpool and Wirral Pals, during the First World War: of their hardships in the trenches and on the battlefields, and of what awaited them on their return home.
Ken then tells stories from Merseyside during the Second World War. These include the impressive tale of The Battle of The Atlantic; of the May Blitz of 1941; of Huyton Internment Camp; and of Project Redsand and the River Mersey Forts.
This talk dramatically brings to life the complex history of two of the darkest yet most triumphant times in Merseyside's modern history.


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