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Q. Eagles, Earls and Elephants

The thrilling and curious history of the Stanley Family: The Earls of Derby

The story of the Earls of Derby of Knowsley Hall.
In a highly entertaining and informative talk Ken follows the history of the Stanley Family from The Battle of Bosworth, in 1485, through to the establishment and current popularity of Knowsley Safari Park.
On the way, hear how Lord Thomas Stanley treacherously betrayed Richard III, leading to the King being butchered to death. Find out too about the actor earls, and how one of them might actually have been William Shakespeare!
Discover how animals first came to Knowsley, in the 19
th century, with the great aviary and menagerie, and how, where, and why ‘The Owl and the Pussycat’ was written. Hear how the 10th Earl presided over the hanging, drawing and quartering of Jacobite Rebels near what is now T J Hughes’ store! Also, find out how ‘The Derby’ was founded; how the 14th Earl was Prime Minister three times; and how the 15th Earl created the Stanley Cup for Ice Hockey.
Ken will also tell of the 18
th Earl’s encounters with celebrities and villains in the 1950s, and of the murders at Knowsley Hall.
All-in-all a roller-coaster of a tale!

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