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R. Notorious Crimes and Criminals of Merseyside

The title of this talk says it all!

For centuries Liverpool, and its Port, have been a melting pot of people from all over the world: Millions have passed through on their way to some other part of the globe, and hundreds of thousands stayed and made the City on the Mersey their home.
Most wanted to be part of this thriving, exciting, and complex City, and make a contribution to it; sadly though, and just like anywhere else on earth, there have been those who simply want to satisfy their own greed or passions with no consideration or compassion for others, or for their community.
Most of these have simply blended in with the mass of outsiders who pass through our criminal justice system; others though, stand out for a variety of reasons. These included The Murderous Mulveys; The Black Widows; The Hope Street Body Snatchers; Florence and James Maybrick; and Dr Crippen. In this intriguing talk, hear about all of these, and about the Liverpudlian who assassinated the British Prime Minister!


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