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T. Liverpool At Work

The fascinating story of Liverpool’s commercial, industrial, and manufacturing history and heritage, and how its diverse people made their living.

From the town's founding, in 1207, when it was an obscure fishing hamlet, to its present status as a world class city;
this talk follows Liverpool's roles as a major maritime trading and worldwide cargo-handling port; as Britain's greatest exploiter of 'The Triangular Trade'; as an international transportation hub; and today as one of the world's most popular tourist and leisure destinations.
Learn about Liverpool's major trades, in sugar, salt, cotton, and of course, slaves.
Hear about our docks and the men who laboured on them; about the hundreds of ships that sailed in an out of the port each year, and about the seafarers who crewed them. Learn too, about how it all went wrong in the latter decades of the 20th century, and the city fell into political and social chaos and near bancruptcy.
Then discover how Liverpool's remarkable 21st century renaissance now brings millions of tourists each year (and hundreds of investors and entrepreneurs) to the City on the Mersey ~ giving it an entirely new, but just as significant a role in the world, and generating one of Britain's fastest-growing economies.


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