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2. Curious & Amazing Tales of The Wirral ~ (Parts 1 & 2)

More funny and fascinating stories ~ this time from across the Wirral Peninsula ~ Informative and great fun!

This selection of stories again tells funny, amazing, and thoroughly entertaining tales from all around this most historic part of Merseyside, including the Cheshire parts of Wirral.
You can hear tales of The Naughty Nymphette of Neston; New Brighton Tower; The Battle of Brunanburgh; The Guinea Gap treasure Trove; The Moreton Hovercraft; Wild Tigers in Tranmere; Liscard Battery and the exploding Lottie Sleigh; Monks on the Mersey plus many, many more.

Each of these tales are fascinating and fun, and there are so many of them that you have 2 parts to choose from!


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