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7. Curious and Amazing Tales of Merseyside ~ (Parts 1 & 2)

In this talk I have selected entertaining stories from each of the Five Boroughs and the City of Liverpool, to give you a very eclectic selection of strange historic tales.

I will choose stories for this talk that might include; the Founding of Liverpool Castle; the real Conquorers of Everest; Mother Redcap and her Smugglers; the Origins of The Cheshire Cat; the bodies underneath the West Kirkby Column; Haunted Liscard Castle; the Moreton Hovercraft; the tragedy of HMS Thetis; Doctor Solomon and The Balm of Gilead miracle remedy; the Old Hutte of Halewood; the Monks of Birkenhead Priory; Tightrope Walker Blondin at Eastham; and The Petrified Forest.

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