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11. The Curious Origins of Our Christmas Traditions

This talk takes you back in time to explain why we celebrate Christmas in the many ways that we do. It is a story full of surprises and humour, plus a little bit of song as well!

Who really is Father Christmas and where does he come from - and why do we sometimes call him Santa Claus?
Who invented Christmas Crackers; how did Christmas Pudding come from; and why do we bring trees inside our homes and then hang decorations on them?
Why is turkey called 'turkey' and why do we send each other sheets of coloured folded card to our family and friends once a year?
I'm sure you would like to learn all about pantomimes (Oh no we wouldn't!).
What is the best way to cook sprouts, and how should mince pies be served? Why do we kiss under the mistletoe?
Who invented Christmas Carols and when did the Queen begin giving a Christmas message on the television?

These and many more answers will be found in this talk, which will also take you back to your childhood as I bring back memories of Grottos; letters to Father Christmas being sent up the chimney; leaving out sherry, mince pie, and a carrot on Christmas Eve; of 'The Christmas Alphabet' and 'Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer'; and of school Christmas Parties - and so much more.

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