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12. Famous Animals and Creatures of Merseyside

It is not just people who have written the history of Liverpool and its region, the animals have more than played their part two. This talk is a celebration of those creatures - some more legendary than others, but most very real indeed.

Included in these tales you might hear about the 'Four-Legged Friend' in the Adelphi Hotel; the possible origins of the Cheshire Cat; the tragic and brutal death of Rajah the elephant; The Gorilla with the Lipstick; the High-Diving Horses; the origins of the Liver Bird; Jet of Iada, the heroic rescue dog; Lord Derby's Mouse; Micky the Chimp; the Mummified Cats; the Tranmere Tigers; the Superlambanana; and perhaps the greatest race horse of all time, Red Rum.

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