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24. The Rise, Fall, and Renaissance of Liverpool

This is the complete story of Liverpool.

Ken tells when, how, why, and by whom the Town of Liverpool was founded.
He describes, in fascinating detail, how it then, over the centuries, grew to become the 'Second City of the British Empire' outside London; a title it held for over 250.
But then the story changes, after the Second World War, when Liverpool's fortunes change drastically and how, by 1980, the City was virtually bankrupt. He tells too, how it was deliberately abandoned by the government of Margaret Thatcher. It was saved though, byt the determination and tenacity of its people, helped by the Conservative Cabinat Minister, Michael Heseltine, who refused to allow the Tories to consign the City to 'planned decline'.
And then, the story of Liverpool becomes one of triumphant resurrection - being awarded World Heritage Staus and the title of European Capital of Culture. These deserved awards energised the City and its people even more, leading to the complete renaissance of Liverpool and its Port, that is so obvious to the world today.
An inspiring and exciting tale.

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