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28. Prehistoric, Pagan, and Medieval Merseyside

The curious history of an ancient people

As hard as it might be to convince some Merseysiders and Liverpudlians we haven’t always been around! In this talk Ken first tells of the prehistory of Merseyside, including our own Dinosaurs ~ the Chirotherium and the Rhyncosaurus. He also talks about the Petrified Forest of Meols and the fossilised human footprints of Crosby.
Hear also about the 7,000-year-old ‘Calder Stones’; the Celtic defenders of pagan Liverpool, the battling Brigantes; the Vikings of Merseyside and the blood-soaked Battle of Brunanburgh, at ancient Bromborough.
Ken then ends by describing Medieval Merseyside and the founding of Liverpool, in 1207. He also tells of Liverpool Castle and the Tower of Liverpool, as well as the Sanctuary Stone and other surviving earliest relics.
All-in-all this is a rapid but wonderfully exciting and informative ride through the early history of our region.


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