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43. Blitzkrieg, Huyton Internment Camp, and The Mersey Forts

Two of the little-known stories of Liverpool during the Second World War.

There were a number of prisoner-of-war camps around our region, and on the Isle of Man. However, not many people know that, in the heart of Huyton just to the east of Liverpool, was one of the most notorious internment camps of the War. Here were incarcerated overseas aliens (mainly citizens of Germany and Austria etc) who were then resident in Britain.
Many were Jews who had come to Britain to escape Hitler, only to find themselves in a British concentration camp of sorts, regarded as potential threats to national security and the war-effort.
This story reflects very badly on the British Government of the time, but very well on the humanity of the people of Liverpool.

The second story in this talk tells of a strange yet innovative form of strategic defence sytem that was placed in the waters of the estuary of the River Mersey and in Liverpool Bay ~ the Mersey Forts. Where they effective and what became of them?
Find out in this revealing and intriguing talk.

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