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Merseyside Tales: Curious and Amazing True Stories

Fifty illustrated stories from across Merseyside ~ each one amazing or bizarre, but all perfectly true!

This fantastic collection of true tales celebrates the strange and curious secrets of Merseyside’s history.

The fifty stories inside ~ from the lion in the wheelbarrow on the tightrope, to the twelve young women smothered for ‘the incurable malady they caught of some sailors’, to the tale of ‘the man in the iron coffin’ and the strange and mysterious disappearance of the Everest mountaineers from Birkenhead.

Richly illustrated, and compiled by Ken Pye, this book will delight residents and visitors alike.


Price: Only £9.99 plus P&P

To buy this, please call Ken on...

Office: 0151 427 2717

Mobile: 07808 870 614

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