“An understanding of our past enlightens our present and informs our future” – Ken Pye

Welcome to my Discover Liverpool website!

Special Announcements:

I am sorry to announce the the planned The Big History Weekend 2018
has had to be cancelled.  We have tried very hard to save this
important event but have been defeated by a number of problems.
However, this is not the end!!
I intend to hold the event in 2019, and will be recruiting a planning group
to help me. So, watch out for more announcements over the coming months.

At Long Last the new edition of my Discover Liverpool DVD Documentaries Set is now available! Eight, 30-minute, themed documentaries on a single, ultra HD quality disc, for ONLY £14.99!
You can buy these on-line at
http://www.discoverliverpoolstore.com/ ~ or directly from me.
These filmed documentaries, complete with specially written music, 3D maps, and stunning photography, will tell you so much about the past, present, and future of the wonderful City of Liverpool.

My three new books are now on sale in all good bookshops,
or directly from me. Go to my
publications page to find more about
More Merseyside Tales; The A to Z of Lesser Known Liverpool,
and my very latest book Liverpool At Work. 

Plus, Volumes 3 and 4 of my Curious Characters & Tales of Merseyside
audio CD collection are NOW AVAILABLE but only directly from me ~
so again, go to my
publications page for more information.
This completes the set of 4 ~ do you have them all?

Ken (on right) and other VIP guests at The Big Hope conference run by Liverpool Hope University

What is 'Discover Liverpool'?

This is a painting of the grisly 'Liverpool Tower' that once stood at the bottom of Water Street

There is a saying; ‘All Roads Lead To Rome’, well, all roads led to Liverpool and, from the Town, all roads led to the rest of the Globe ~ across ‘the high seas’, as well as by canal, road, rail, and air:

For over 250 years, Liverpool was the most important city in the British Empire outside London, and one of the greatest ports in the world. Indeed, Liverpool and Merseyside have been, and remain, one of the principal economic powerhouses of Britain.
We have seen great success and achievement here, but we have also seen tragedy, disaster, and failure. Today though, we are enthusiastically re-shaping our 21st Century destiny to reclaim our rightful heritage as a ‘World-Class City and Region’. 

I am a passionate, born-and-bred Scouser, and take great pride in my City, its people, and its heritage ~ and I want to help you experience and celebrate this too: Whether or not you are a native Merseysider this site tells you how I can do this.
Learn how to book me to speak to your group or organisation; MC your special events and ceremonies; lecture on your courses and training programmes; or design and deliver expert and professional courses, tours, and briefings.
Everything I do is designed to inform, educate, and entertain you, about the past, present, and future of the new Liverpool City Region.

This site all tells you about my Books, CDs, DVDs, and other publications, and how to obtain them.

Each month in The Local History Section, I will publish a new article about an aspect of Liverpool and Merseyside’s history and heritage. I will also tell you tales of our characters, eccentrics, and curiosities; and about the things that made Liverpool and our region great, and that are making us great once again. You can suggest topics that you would like me to write about for you. 
Also, keep checking in to take a look at my Special Announcements Section, for news about my public talks, special events, general local history news, and new product information.

As my Discover Liverpool web-site helps you to get to know me, I hope you will also allow me to help you to get to know Liverpool and Merseyside - even more than you may do already!

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