"Well I never knew that!" is the theme that runs through the people, places, and structures in this fully illustrated book.

The City of Liverpool is famous throughout the world, yet it began as an unimportant fishing village, in 1207. Then, in 1715, Liverpool created the world’s first enclosed, commercial wet dock; eventually there would be docks along 7½ miles of the River Mersey. The small town then rapidly grew to become the greatest port and city in the entire British Empire outside London.

Well-known local author, Ken Pye FRSA, takes the reader on a unique A–Z tour of the city’s history, but one that visits the ‘lesser-known’ buildings and places of the City. This book explores its more hidden and unusual nooks and crannies, and along the way tells many a tale of ‘the Liverpool that few people know’; even its most long-term residents!

Discover ‘Little Bongs’; see the stone giants ‘Gog and Magog’; find the original entrance turnstile of the now lost Liverpool Zoological Gardens; see the Tudor Schoolhouse where a saint was once a pupil; get close to God at the summit of ‘Mount Sion’; take a look at the home of The Squire of Knotty Ash; visit the Underground War Bunkers; and see The Indian Mutiny Memorial Cross.  All fascinating stories and with so much to learn and enjoy.

Fully illustrated with photographs from the past and present, the A–Z of Liverpool will appeal to residents and visitors alike.


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