The curious tales behind some of Liverpool's street names ~ how did they earn their names?

When Liverpool was founded, over 800 years ago, it originally consisted of only seven streets. However, over the following centuries, tracks and alleys began to branch off these. These grew into narrow streets and then into larger roads and busy thoroughfares.
Many of these have unusual names that hint at strange origins or incidents or people. Others have seemingly mundane names yet, when researched, reveal often exciting and bizarre beginnings: Such streets as Sleepers Hill; Spellow Lane; Deadman’s Track; Bath Street; Mann Island; Hope Street; Penny Lane; Button Street; Drury Lane; Edge Lane; Greenland Street; Ranelagh Street, and Lockerby Road.
Ken has chosen a wide selection of such streets and roads, and he explains the origins of their names in this fully illustrated talk, and tells some remarkable, moving, and heart-warming stories in the process.

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