Tales of the very historic and fascinating township of Hale; the beautiful and ancient community that sits just outside the southern boundary of Liverpool.

The Township of Hale, situated between Speke, at the southern end of the City of Liverpool, and the Town of Widnes, is a beautiful, isolated, and largely rural community.
It is surrounded by farmland, woodlands, and marshes, and is a haven of thatched houses and small cottages; tidy gardens and flower beds; a delightful village green; and a couple of enticing pubs: But, most importantly of all, it has its own, fascinating history.
In this talk, Ken describes the ancient history of this delightful place, which is older than Liverpool, and also tells tales of Hale ~ in particular he relates the life story of Hale’s famous and very real giant ~ John Middleton. He also describes one of Britain’s most rare and important archaeological and historical relics ~ The Hale Duck Decoy: now fully restored and publicly accessible.

In this talk you will discover so much about this wonderful and historically significant community: you will be fascinated and entertained.

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