This talk tells the most important stories and legends of ancient Bidston Hill and Village. Ken explains the connections between the hill and Saint Joseph of Arimathea and the Holy Grail; the Witches Covens; the notorious smugglers and Mother Redcap; and the World War Two underground bunkers ~ plus much, much more.

There are many important archaeological locations on the Wirral Peninsula and none more so than Bidston. The Village itself is delightful and historically significant: The church, the old schoolhouse, the former farms and, of course, Bidston Hall itself have each played their part in the heritage of the area ~ especially in the ancient poem 'Sir Gawain and the Green Knight'.
Hear about just how special are the Hill, and its Observatory, Lighthouse, and Windmill, all surrounded by large stretches of woodlands and meadows. Ken tells many of these wonderful stories and legends, and also describes the Tam O'Shanter Cottage and Urban Farm, and about deadly Bidston Moss!
Hear about the ancient hill and the Roman Road; the story of the economically vital maritime signalling systems; the mysterious Sun and Moon Goddess carvings; the possible origins of the Cheshire Cat; the Witches Tunnels; the smugglers inn and caves; the Bidston Bunkers; and, above all, how the Holy Grail might be buried under the Hill Itself.
Learn how this mysterious place is so important to the history of Wirral: Exciting and very informative.

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