A rapid ride through the history of this wonderful peninsula ~ from invasions by Romans, Vikings, and Normans through to how the rural life of Wirral adjusted to the Industrial Revolution, and the developments of its important City neighbour across the Mersey. This talk brings us right up to date with modern Wirral, and its ambitions for the rest of the 21st century.

In this talk Ken takes you on a rapid but exciting and captivating journey through the history of this remarkable peninsula and its wonderful people.
Beginning with a time when dinosaurs walked the Wirral, he then talks about the earliest human settlements here ~ the oldest being at Irby! Then you will discover how the Romans were trading out of the ancient port of Meols, even before they first invaded Britain over 2,000 years ago!
From the possible arrival of the Phoenicians on Bidston Hill to the invasion of the Vikings, who also first landed at Meols. Hear about the dreadful Battle of Brunanburgh, now believed to have been at Bromborough. Also, discover the connection between Bidston Hill and Saint Joseph of Arimathea and the Holy Grail.
Next, Ken describes the founding of the monks’ ferry across the river, from Birkenhead to Liverpool, but beginning with their boats to Rock House Ferry and the village of Seccum (Seacombe). Then hear about the late 19th century founding of the wonderful seaside resort of New Brighton, and its spectacular iron tower.
Next, from how Wirral developed its sprawling residential communities and industrial areas, and the building of all three Mersey Tunnels, Ken then takes you through wartime Wirral. He finally brings the story right up-to-date with the redevelopment of the peninsula, especially its coasts and waterfront, and the Wirral Waters Project in particular.
The talk then ends with the very special ‘Wirral Prayer’!


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